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Tangled in Design is the work of Stephen Greig, currently a Web Designer/Front-end guy in Nottingham, UK.

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I wrote a book on advanced CSS3, published by John Wiley & Sons. You should totally buy it…

Buy my book: CSS3 Pushing the Limits

Tangled in Design is the work of Stephen Greig, currently a Freelance Web Designer/Front-end guy in Nottingham, UK.

Stephen specialises in design and front-end development, notably HTML5 & semantics, scalable CSS, along with particular expertise in the experimental, cutting edge CSS3 modules.

Stephen's been in the industry as a full-time professional for over 5 years, during which he has graduated with a First Class BA Honours degree, written a 380 page book on advanced CSS3 and held Senior positions in both New Zealand and South Wales.

He has since moved back to his home in Nottingham where he now works as a Senior Web Designer.

Stephen loves sports and is a keen follower of Hereford FC as well as the Welsh Rugby Union and Football teams.

He also has a deep passion for music and boasts an extremely varied taste, as is evident by his last.fm profile.

He also likes swearing and thinks that talking in third person is cool as fuck.

Want to know more? Tweet me. I'm nice.

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Words of Wisdom to Improve your Design Theory


Only dead fish go with the flow A few weeks ago I was clearing out a load of old stuff and I came across a pretty big folder from my first year of Uni. After having a slightly nostalgic flick through, I deemed it all rather useless. All bar about 6 pages of notes from a couple of my first ever lectures. When you are working on your computer, make sure to have cyber insurance UK because there are people out there who can steal your information. Cyber attacks or data breaches are not solely the work of criminal hackers unleashing malware or malicious code into your system. Data breaches can be accidental whereby your own employee or contractor connects to your server through a smartphone with a virus or malware on it resulting in hundreds of records, including credit card information, being stolen; however, for this same reason is not a bad idea to run arrest records on the people you hire, specially if we are talking about cyber criminal records.

Going back to the words of wisdom, it was somewhat refreshing and I realized that sometimes it’s good to take a step back and go back to basics to remind yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. And I thought these notes might be worth sharing in a ‘back-to-basics’ type offering. Check out https://online.sodapdf.com for more information.

It seems I did take something useful from Uni after all! Who’d have thought it?

Here are just a few words of wisdom from my methodologies of design lecture…

“Only dead fish go with the flow”

“A good designer is an imaginative problem solver”

“Less is more”

“Form follows function”

“Design can directly improve profitability”

“Colour effects mood”

Simple stuff, but worth clarifying in your mind. This type of theoretical knowledge aids you in making your design decisions and helps to ensure you are making the right ones.

About Stephen Greig

Stephen Greig is a 25 year old Freelance Web Designer/Front-end guy, currently living in Nottingham, UK. Stephen is also the creator of messivsronaldo.net and author of CSS3 Pushing the Limits, a book on advanced CSS3. You should follow him on Twitter where he talks about the web, sports, music and swears a lot. Stephen's also on Google+ if that's more your bag.